Galacticon - Press kit

We want to introduce you to our new game Galacticon launched a few months ago on Nintendo Switch and Steam.
After the great reception and the great reviews that the game has had at its launch, and realizing that your media does not have a review for Galacticon, we would be delighted if you accepted a key to be able to review the game or whatever you had in mind
Galacticon is a video game with the look and feel of the arcade cabinet games of early 80’s in the style of the Williams classics: “Defender” or “Joust”, with the gameplay of the legendary “Jetpac”, and with touches of “puzzle” to get more bonus points and enter your score in the local table of high scores or even in the world table of records.
Key for reviews :  Please send us an email with the request to and immediately and gladly we will send you a game key.


  • World high score table through QR code reading. 
  • Incredible gameplay.
  • Direct and frenetic action.
  • Aesthetics of 8 bits.
  • Infinite levels with a progressive difficulty curve.
  • Extremely precise and smooth control.
  • Easy to play… difficult to master.
  • Optimized for arcade machines and arcade controllers.
  • Secret Bonus in each level.

Some data:

  • Nintendo US eShop:LINK
  • Nintendo EU eShop: LINK
  • Steam Store: LINK
  • Developer:Radin Games
  • Publisher:Flynn’s Arcade(America & Europe),Pikki(Asia)
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch & Steam
  • Release date: 22/05/2022
  • Price: 4,99€/$, 4,99£ 
  • Languages: English, Korean, Japanese & Chinese (fully dubbed)
  • Age rating: Everybody
  • Press
  • Trailer:LINK
  • Independent and very complete video-review:LINK

Thank you very much for your attention!
Best regards!
Ferran Montesinos (CEO Radin games)
Phone: +34 629019465
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